About Us


Providing Customers Peace of Mind


VitalCall services customers New Zealand wide.


The VitalCall products give peace of mind and safety to customers and their families.

About Us

VitalCall is a division of Chubb New Zealand.  Chubb has been in operating in New Zealand since 1958 and today employs around 300 people with 8 branch locations around the country.

VitalCall's Medical care range provides peace of mind to both the caller and their family.  VitalCall has extensive geographical coverage and is available throughout New Zealand.

Who needs a VitalCall System?

VitalCall services a variety of clients. The traditional use for the VitalCall system is to assist senior citizens in maintaining their independence throughout their own home without friends and relatives worrying about them.

VitalCall services people living alone, disabled individuals who live independantly,  occupational health & safety applications, Independent living villages, nursing homes and children where both parents work.

Chubb New Zealand is accredited by WINZ and therefore your monitored medical alarm may attract a WINZ subsidy.